Brexit – Free test offered to analyst traffic before and after ? Ready ? Be on touch with us …

Le démonstrateur est « ready »….Il attend  vos questions sur les variations de flux Avant – Après Brexit ?

We are going to open a startup which will work on data covering all merchandise traffic between FR and UK (name of this project : Transmanche data Laboratories )

Technologies we have already tested : commercial open data / mathematics / algorithms / prediction / data visualization / …

If you want to join us on this project, please let us a comment on the web portal…buttom of this post.

For a first contact, we offer a free analyst of a traffic change before and after Bresit rules !!!  Interesting ? No ?

Let’s go. We wait your call …

All information on Export – Import activities of UE country are available, updated every month…and detailed on each of items (it means and overall of 10 000 units…).

You are not a Custom specialist BUT your business require to get a good overview of some traffic…The solution is now available within few days with O&E R&D Methods (Transmanche data Laboratories).

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